The taste. Clean and crisp.
Pure and smooth.

Our History

Our ingredients may have been in the works since the last ice age, but our company marks 2015 as its date of origin. That year, four entrepreneurs from Western Massachusetts came together to develop the world’s purest vodka. With a combined 100 years of aggregate experience in international business, Everest Vodka was born. Equipped with passion and know-how, their search for the very best ingredients and distilling methods brought them back to distant family relatives, who have been distilling spirits for more than four generations, with a storied expertise using only the world’s finest ingredients. Together, our team has launched a line of vodkas with irresistible character and peerless taste.


All Everest Vodkas are made from Himalayan spring water and naturally gluten free rice. Our water is sourced from the Langtang Himalayan range, from glacier ice melt. As the glaciers melt, the runoff filters naturally through 13,000 feet of Himalayan bedrock. We use this water along with the finest of grains, rice, to create our vodka. It’s this base that gives Everest Vodka its clean and crisp taste, with a subtle sweetness in its undertone. Everest is exceptionally pure and smooth which makes it great on the rocks and its neutral taste makes it perfect for mixing into any of your favorite cocktails. In addition to our plain vodka, Original Freeze, Everest is available in three flavors: Chocolate Frost, Raspberry Ridge, and Lemon Glacier.


Single-batches, distilled slow and steady. When it comes to quality distillation, “how” is more important than “how many times.” To meet the standards of our master distiller, we designed a column still that distills our vodka at a slow and steady rate, and always one batch at a time.


Maximum purity through multi-stage filtration. After the water used to make our vodka filters naturally through 13,000 ft. of Himalayan bedrock, we put our vodka through three more layers of filtering, using carbon, deep chill, and polishing filtering for perfect clarity and exquisite mouth feel.


The taste. Clean and crisp. Pure and smooth. After an exacting distillation and filtration process, we are left with a spirit whose quality even the most discerning palate will recognize. And for the casual connoisseur, Everest Vodka’s crisp, pure, and smooth taste is the perfect base for your favorite mixed drink, martini, or simply over ice.

Our Flavors

Original Freeze
All natural and gluten free, it’s the pure ingredients we start with that gives Everest Original Freeze Vodka its clean and crisp taste, with a subtle sweetness in its undertone. Made from water sourced from glacier ice melt in the Langtang Himalayan range and the finest of grains, rice, Everest Original Freeze is exceptionally pure and smooth. Its’ incredibly neutral taste makes it great on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers. Everest Original Freeze will be enjoyed by all!
Raspberry Ridge
Everest Raspberry Ridge Vodka can best be described as elegant in its simplicity. There’s something about a fresh ripe wild raspberry, that has no equal in nature. It’s not sweet. It’s not tart. It is a subtle fresh fruity flavor that most raspberry vodkas fail to produce in their efforts to make vodka taste sweet. At Everest, we offer the subtlety of the perfectly ripe wild raspberry as a gentle hint to enhance the vodka. Great with your favorite mixers, or simply on the rocks. No doubt you will love it!
Chocolate Frost
Everest Chocolate Frost Vodka is singularly unique in its delicate cocoa taste. Both the aroma and taste are that of dark chocolate rather than a sticky sweet milk chocolate candy. If it is a hint of the finest, most delicate cocoa powder essence you seek, Everest Chocolate Frost will pleasantly surprise even the most distinguished palate. Try it on the rocks, or with a wide variety of mixers. We know you will love it!
Lemon Glacier
Everest Lemon Glacier Vodka has a subtle floral lemon taste, with a fresh sweet herbal finish. Unlike many citrus flavored vodkas, Everest Lemon Glacier doesn’t overpower with a “tangy burn”, but instead lets the cool smooth drink ability of the vodka shine through with but a hint of lemon. Great on the rocks, or with your favorite mixers. We are sure you will love it!

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