Chocolate Frost

Chocolate Frost

Chocolate Frost

Everest Chocolate Frost Vodka is singularly unique in its delicate cocoa taste. Both the aroma and taste are that of dark chocolate rather than a sticky sweet milk chocolate candy. If it is a hint of the finest, most delicate cocoa powder essence you seek, Everest Chocolate Frost will pleasantly surprise even the most distinguished palate. Try it on the rocks, or with a wide variety of mixers. We know you will love it!

A Few Ways to Try Everest Chocolate Frost

  1. Serve on the rocks.
  2. Mix with soda water and a Maraschino Cherry.
  3. Mix with cream soda or root beer.
  4. Mix with vanilla seltzer.
  5. Mix with milk, almond milk, or a splash of cream.
  6. Use in your favorite espresso or chocolate martini recipe.
  7. Feeling more adventurous? See our Signature Drink recipes using Everest Chocolate Frost.

Everest Signature Drink Series recipes using Everest Chocolate Frost.

Ying Yang
This decadent martini is the quintessential mix of dark chocolate meets white chocolate. We mix our Everest Chocolate Frost, which has a distinct dark chocolate taste, with crème de cacao and a rich and creamy white chocolate liqueur. These flavors married together equals magic!
The Frosty Candy Cane Martini
Forget about those holiday martinis that are so sweet that you never want to drink them again. This delicious martini will be your new “go to” drink for the holidays.
The White Out
The White Out blends Everest Chocolate Frost and milk. Shaken over ice until it is cold and frothy, this combination highlights the smoothness of our vodka which has an underlying dark chocolate taste. Quick to make. Easy to drink. Simply delicious.

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