Raspberry Ridge

Raspberry Ridge

Raspberry Ridge

Everest Raspberry Ridge Vodka can best be described as elegant in its simplicity. There’s something about a fresh ripe wild raspberry, that has no equal in nature. It’s not sweet. It’s not tart. It is a subtle fresh fruity flavor that most raspberry vodkas fail to produce in their efforts to make vodka taste sweet. At Everest, we offer the subtlety of the perfectly ripe wild raspberry as a gentle hint to enhance the vodka. Great with your favorite mixers, or simply on the rocks. No doubt you will love it!

A Few Ways to Try Everest Raspberry Ridge

  1. Serve on the rocks.
  2. Mix with soda water and fresh squeezed lime.
  3. Mix with ice tea and/or lemonade.
  4. Mix with lemon-lime soda and fresh lime.
  5. Muddle with fresh berries and mint and top with soda water.
  6. Mix with white cranberry juice, orange liqueur, and fresh lime.
  7. Feeling more adventurous? See our Signature Drink recipes using Everest Raspberry Ridge.

Everest Signature Drink Series recipes using Everest Raspberry Ridge.

Eye-See Everest
Looking to try something new? Are you tired of “seeing” the same standard martinis on the cocktail menu? Eye-See Everest is a unique craft cocktail made with Everest Raspberry Ridge and lychee fruit juice which can be enjoyed year-round. To be the hit at the Halloween party, grab 2 lychee fruit and pop a blueberry in each of them and watch this drink watch you!
signature drink raspberry ridge
The Southeast Ridge
The Southeast Ridge is an elegant cocktail that is simple to make but packs in big flavor. To make it we blend Everest Raspberry Ridge with orange flavored liqueur, white cranberry juice and fresh squeezed lime to create a refreshing martini with a classic feel.

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